About YQS

It is our goal to provide our clients with outstanding service and together preserve clean water and soil for future generations. Stormwater is what we do. Stormwater structures are capable of controlling pollutants and numerous other issues when properly maintained. When care for these units is not handled correctly, the results can be very damaging to the environment and the repair costs rise.

Our Customers:

  • Municipalities
  • Land Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Engineering Firms
  • Environmental Consulting
  • State Agencies


DBE Certification # 14035

WBE Registration # 112277

About Us
Your Quality Solutions

Also, let us review your plans while they are being developed. With our experience, we often can make suggestions that will result in savings and improve the overall project design.

Finally, we have been estimating for years. We can help you develop your cost estimates so you know the cost of your project. You may contact our main office and our team of professionals will be glad to assist you.

Your Quality Solutions

Angela Lundberg


Over the years, I have traveled the world and have witnessed first-hand the negative effects of not having clean water to drink and cook with.  My goal in starting Your Quality Solutions, Inc (YQS) was to leave a better world for my children.  Being born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, being involved in the Environmental FFA program in school and having traveled many countries, I have learned that we need to be wise stewards of what we have been given.  As a result, having clean water and taking care of the Chesapeake Bay has become my passion.

Your Quality Solutions

Juan Carlos Salas

Sales/Project Manager

Juan Carlos Salas has been with Your Quality Solutions Inc. as our Sales/Project Manager since the beginning of 2015. He has been in touch with many local municipalities to help them on their MS4 plans. Mr. Salas has also been in the field with Your Quality Solutions Inc. to solve many maintenance issues and to improve on our customers stormwater systems. He has brought an insight into our maintenance program to help us create a product to improve simple stormwater treatment upon what is currently available in the marketplace. Juan Carlos has recently participated in the New York City Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Stormwater Advisory Group to create the MS4 plan. He was also involved in the 2017 VUSP Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Symposium and recently completed Contech Engineered Solutions CCMP Certification Training.

  • Juan Carlos has recently completed StormwaterONE’s Continuing Education Series
  • Understanding EPA’s NPDES MS4 permit program.
  • Juan C Salas is a Qualified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater.