Keeping the Trash Out of the Streams

Water Quality Structures (WQS) have been developed to help keep trash out of the streams. Are they effective?

Your Quality Solutions (YQS) has been inspecting and maintaining WQS throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey for 8 years and as the insurance commercial states “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”.

EPA and the Department of Environmental Protection has set a goal to capture trash and hydrocarbons before they enter the waterways. In response, the private industry has developed many different styles of WQS to address this problem. As in all equipment that capture material, whether is be a dust collector, air conditioner vent, sweeper the filter bags need to cleaned and / or replaced on a periodic basis in order to perform properly. A WQS is no different.

The common problem YQS sees with WQS is they are underground and not visible. Many times the property owners don’t know there are WQS are on their property and don’t realize that it is their responsibility to maintain them.

When properly maintained the various WQS are quite effective as seen in the following photos.

Trash out of streams

Terre Kleen, manufactured by Terre Hill Concrete Products capturing floatables and hydrocarbons.

Terre Kleen

A unique WQS design manufactured by Terre Hill Concrete Products, capturing hydrocarbons.


FloGard by Oldcastle Infrastructure capturing sediment and hydrocarbons.

Your Quality Inlet Filter

Your Quality Inlet Filter as manufactured by Your Quality Solutions, Inc.

Snout by Best Management Practices

Snout sold by Best Management Practices

Your Quality Solutions inspects, maintains and repairs hundreds of Water Quality Structures throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We understand how these various structures are designed to work and will only recommend maintenance and repairs when necessary, saving our clients money.

Your Quality Inlet Filter is the only WQS available in the United States that is designed, manufactured, sold, inspected and maintained by the company that sold it.

For further information and estimates for your project, please contact Juan C Salas (717.725.3335 ) or Angela Lundberg (717.468.2754 ).

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