Manhole Covers modified by YQS to prevent unauthorized entry into underground structure

In this day of chaos, it is important to protect your underground infrastructure. Your Quality Solutions (YQS) was asked to modify manhole covers so they could be locked down to the manhole frame.

The YQS staff developed a procedure, using the latest technology, to drill and tap threads through cast iron manhole frame and covers for the purpose of inserting stainless steel bolts. The bolt head had to be counter sunk so the top of the bolt was not above the frame to prevent damage to the bolt during the winter season. In this situation, the blade of the snow plow scraped the pavement. To remove the bolts, an impact drill would have to be used.

The existing manhole frame and cover did not need to be removed, the pavement was not disturbed, making for a successful retrofit.

(2) threaded holes drilled into the frame at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions
Corresponding holes drilled into the cover at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions
Manhole cover in place and bolted down to the frame
Stainless steel bolt recessed to prevent being damaged. An impact drill is required to remove the bolt.

Here at YQS, we have years of experience installing box culverts, underground detention / retention basins, performing pipe and water quality structures inspections and maintenance to keep your storm sewer system functioning as designed. YQS also fabricates, installs and maintains the Your Quality Stormwater Protector Inlet Filter reducing the amount of sediment, trash and hydrocarbons from entering your storm sewer system, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs.


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