Your Quality Inlet Filter

Our newest product, the Your Quality Inlet Filter, US, Patent 9-963-865 provides a stainless steel solution with the state approved filtration material to capture sediment. This product can be used during the construction period for E&S control or it can also be used to capture sediment, trash, and hydrocarbon residues during the post-construction period.

This is the most suitable product for use in streets, parking lots, residential and commercial developments and in rain gardens. Your Quality Inlet Filter is a new concept in water quality inlet inserts? it was designed as the result of 6 years of R&D gathered during frequent inspections and maintenance in the field. In developing an alternate solution to what is currently in the marketplace, we made sure that every detail, including the durability and support, is fully covered.

Inlet Filter Lining
Inlet Filter Full of Trash

Trash Removal

The Your Quality Inlet Filter can act as a Trash Basket when used without the filter fabric. The Your Quality Inlet Filter is made with grade 304 stainless steel mesh with 5/8” dia openings, and by itself, is designed to capture and retain paper, plastic, Styrofoam and other floatable debris required to be removed from the storm water flow.

Sediment Removal

Sediment Removal

Local and State government requirements are specific in regards to sediment removal and water flow rates. The DOT approved filtration geotextile material placed in the Inlet Filter “housing” is designed to satisfy the AASHTO M-288-06 requirements for Class 1, 2 and 3 applications while providing a durable structure.

Hydrocarbon Removal

Using a filter fabric consisting of a proprietary blend of treated fibers within the Inlet Filter “housing”, hydrocarbons (up to 50 times the weight of this proprietary fabric) can be removed from the water stream, while allowing the treated water to continue its flow into the storm system. During routine maintenance, the filter fabric will be removed for safe disposal at a DEP-approved facility.

Hydrocarbon Removal

Your Quality Inlet Filter removes leaves and other vegetation and organic debris

One of the most important points of choosing an inlet insert is the amount of Phosphorus and Nitrogen the unit is able to capture.

  • Your Quality Inlet filter captures 99% of the TSS, leaves and contaminants.
  • Leaves are a significant source of phosphorous to urban stormwater.
  • Nearly 60 % of the annual phosphorus yield is from leaf litter in the fall.
  • Leave removal is one of the few options available to reduce dissolved phosphorus.
  • Your Quality Inlet Filter removes 83 to 84% of phosphorus and 71 to 74% of nitrogen, Evaluation of leaf removal in urban stormwater by William R. Selbing, Science of the total Environmental volume 571, November 15, 2016.