YQS partners with Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF)

NEWS RELEASE: Your Quality Solutions (YQS) has joined the #Keystone10MTrees Partnership.  In addition to YQS inspecting and maintaining hundreds of “gray” water quality structures, including Contech, Aquashield and Terre Hill product lines, YQS is committed to support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) in their efforts to plant 10,000,000 trees throughout Pennsylvania by 2025. This effort will result in 43,000 pounds of Phosphorus and 22.2 million pounds of sediment reductions to the Chesapeake Bay when completed!

YQS focus is to improve the water quality of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay for generations to come.  This is accomplished by going beyond working with the gray infrastructure and include green solutions in our efforts to help improve the water.  Besides planting trees, the other important component is educating the next generation and exposing them to the importance of good environmental stewardship by including our children and grandchildren in the tree plantings.

For more information on the 10,000,000 Tree Partnership go to http://www.tenmilliontrees.org/

For years, YQS has been inspecting, maintaining and repairing hundreds of water quality structures, pipes and underground detention and retention basins designed to improve the stormwater quality and reduce the pollution entering our streams and rivers across the region.

Your Quality Solutions goal is to be your single source inspection and maintenance company for Water Quality Structures.

For further information about Your Quality Solutions, please contact Juan C Salas (717.725.3335 jcsalas@yourqualitysolutions.com ) Dale Groff (717.203.0920 dgroff@yourqualitysolutions.com ) or Angela Lundberg (717.468.2754 alundberg@yourqualitysolutions.com ).

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