CCTV Pipe Inspection Equipment information

The CUES Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) equipment, owned by Your Quality Solutions (YQS), is available for use to inspect your underground storm sewer and sanitary sewer system.  YQS personnel are certified as PACP/LACP/MACP by NASSCO. 

This CCTV equipment, consisting of multiple camera sizes, is designed to inspect your underground sanitary sewer pipes, storm sewer pipes, industrial process lines and water lines ranging from 6” to 72” diameter with a travel range of 1,000 LF from insertion point.  Pipe grade is provided along with distance traveled directly on the video image captured during the inspection, so all the information regarding the status of your underground system is provided on one screen.

The high resolution digital capacity provided will capture live video and still images while saving the information for later review and sharing with the clients using GraniteNet software.  With the 40:1 zoom capability, bright LED lights and iris control, optimum quality images will be provided under the most demanding conditions.  These cameras are able to pan and rotate 360 degrees while the transporter is in motion.

In addition to capturing images while traveling through your underground system, the transporter can be followed on grade.  With this capability, the location of the underground pipes can be accurately identified, documented and shared with our client vis USB or the cloud.

The crawler carrying the CCTV camera has the capability to switch out the wheels to meet the needs presented by the condition of the underground system.

For pipes 4″ diameter and smaller, a “push camera” is available which is designed to push the camera through the pipe by hand.  

Here at YQS, we look forward to inspecting your underground infrastructure to document its condition, to identify any issues that may exist. 

Remember…routine inspection helps to keep the overall costs down and allows property owners to budget for preventative maintenance so corrective action can be scheduled before a small problem builds into a major (and costly) crisis.


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