Typical issues found each spring because of mulch!

Your Quality Solutions (YQS) has been inspecting and maintaining many different type of water quality structures (WQS) throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey for years and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

One very typical problem that occurs when spring comes, is when everyone wants to spread mulch on flower beds. This makes for a very nice looking property.  However, that mulch sometimes finds its way into the storm sewer system because of scouring of the flowerbeds or because the mulch is stored on pavement while the landscaping crew distributes it to the flowerbeds.  If not careful, the mulch will move with the rainwater runoff into the inlets and WQS during heavy storm events that typically occur during the spring time.

The WQS are designed to capture total suspended solids (TSS), hydrocarbons and trash, helping to keep the waterways downstream clean.

A freshly mulched island after a heavy rain event that scoured the mulch causing ponding.

The “Your Quality Inlet Filter” captured the mulch preventing it from entering the storm sewer system.

The advice from the YQS team is, yes, beautify your property with mulch. You paid good money to buy that mulch to make the flowerbed look perfect. Take some simple preventative measures to keep the mulch in the flowerbed and not flowing downstream into the storm sewer.  When that happens your wasting money.

After a intense rain event, the freshly placed mulch in the flowerbed was scoured into an adjacent “Your Quality Inlet Filter”. Also found at this location, some really devious individual came on to the property and, unknown to the property owner, decided to use the inlet as a dump site, pouring many gallons of grease into the inlet.  Fortunately for the property owner, the Inlet Filter captured the grease and detained it until the YQS team arrived to remove and transport the captured material to a Pa DEP approved site for proper disposal. 

Your Quality Solutions inspects, maintains and repairs hundreds of Water Quality Structures throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We understand how these various structures are designed to work and will only recommend maintenance and repairs when necessary, saving our clients money.

Your Quality Inlet Filter is the only WQS available in the United States that is designed, manufactured, sold, inspected and maintained by the company that sold it.

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