Your Quality Solutions DBE certification has been expanded to include NAICS Code 238120

Your Quality Solutions (YQS) is now certified as a DBE to participate in the Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program (PA UCP) in the NAICS Code 238120 “Precast Concrete Panel, Slab or Form Installation” classification.

For years, YQS has been involved in the installation of underground precast detention basins, setting over 700 precast sections on private commercial projects. We are passionate about helping customers to improve the stormwater treatment and storage capacities.

Underground Detention Basin, York Co., PA built with Your Quality Solutions employees

Underground Detention Basin, Berks Co., PA built with Your Quality Solutions employees

For further information and estimates for your project, please contact Juan C Salas (717.725.3335 ) or Angela Lundberg (717.468.2754 ).

DBE Certification #14035

WBE Certification #112277

YQS is Your Quality Solution

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