YQS is Your Quality Solution

Here at Your Quality Solutions (YQS), we are building the company based on a positive long range outcome for improving the environment. We look for solutions that are more than taking care of the immediate need to remove sediment, hydrocarbons and trash from your Water Quality Structures. We also look at how we can develop solutions that will impact the environment next year, next decade and into future generations.

Partnerships: We are active partners with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and the Keystone 10,000,000 tree initiative in Pennsylvania.  We buy tree saplings, supporting the spring and fall buffer plantings.

Education: is an important component in this effort.  We encourage the next generation in our families to help with these plantings creating buffer zones. We talk to them about the importance of trees to the earth, water and the air. About why we are out in the middle of the meadow stepping around cow pies during a rain so we can plant trees.  We tell them the work they are doing today will have a long term benefit for their generation and many more to come.

Volunteerism: We volunteer at Longwood Gardens working side by side with the best horticulturalists in the world, learning about the synergy that is created when plants, trees, sun, soil and moisture interact with each other.

Summary: YQS is not locked into only providing inspection, maintenance, designs and installation services for “gray” infrastructure.  We will look for the best gray or green solutions for your project’s environmental goals.


For additional information about Your Quality Solutions, please contact Angela Lundberg – President (717.468.2754 alundberg@yourqualitysolutions.com), Juan C Salas – Sales (717.725.3335 jcsalas@yourqualitysolutions.com ) or Dale Groff – Project Developer (717.203.0920 dgroff@yourqualitysolutions.com).

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YQS is Your Quality Solutions